Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Things Jane Doesn't Like About Being an Author


The world is a massive blank slate of much to write about. Why steal my ideas or concepts ?

          I belong to a number of  author groups although I don't spend much time there.  Many of the authors there complain about aspects of the process of writing, or the solitude, or revisions etc.  I have concluded that I am not like most authors because none of those things really bother me. The process of writing to me, is a dream job.  Most of the time I outline the project. I get up at three or four am to get about four hours of writing done before the rest of the day begins. Most of my projects aren't really free form. I follow my own outline and within a chapter, I have specific objectives I need to meet before that chapter is linked up to the next.  No one likes revisions, but when revisions went from the typewriter to the computer, then it became a much less labor intensive task. I also don't mind the solitude. If I get four hours of writing done after four am, and before I tackle caring for the horses each morning, then I can leisurely put in another couple or several hours later in the day, and if I want, I can see or talk to other people.

                 There are some aspects of modern day writing that I don't care for, in fact, they irk me very much.   It bothers me that my work or comments I might make in articles or books are copied and enlarged upon. I know that imitation can be a sincere form of flattery, but it annoys me anyway.   It also bothers me that intellectual property laws are weak internationally and that a crook in another country can sell a copy of my book in a manner in which I will never be paid.  Lastly, it irks me that a person I haven't heard from in years can read one of my books, figure out who I once was, and then contact me as if we are the best of friends.  If you moved on, and don't know me now, then you chose it, and let it be.

                 I suppose that everyone has pet peeves about whatever they do, and that writers should be no exception.   It does make it hard sometimes to be positive about writing a new book when the last one sold copies for which I will never be paid.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Electronic Versions of Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey:The Life of the Explorer Now Available

    Effective November 30, 2017, my latest book, the above, was released.    This is the first link I have found where it is for sale:

     My father was an original prepper and an original survivor in a number of harsh and foreign lands. He is no doubt where a lot of my interest and mindset in preparedness is derived.

     Thank you for your interest and a special thanks goes out to those who contributed or aided me in some way in this most difficult of my books.

  These are the links for electronic versions of this book:

Amazon Store URL -…/dualbookshelf.marketpla…/B0782819RV

BN Store URL -…/1127574533…


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Coming Soon: A Fourth Book

Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey, taken just before the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition of the 1940s.

            Shortly, I hope that my fourth book will be available for sale and distribution, probably sometime in late November, 2017.

               This next book is the biography of the explorer, Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey, who was a WWII ship's radio officer, at first in the Merchant Marine. Next, he became the radio officer on the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition of the late nineteen-forties. Afterward, he held assignments in the North Pole and then on to Afghanistan.  The book is not only a story of the occupational life of this man, from a fascinating era, but is also a story of his challenges, sorrows and triumphs. Lawrence Kelsey is also my father.

               I hope that you are able to make time to read what has been my most challenging book to write thus far.  Thank you for your support and encouragement with regard to this project..

  It will be entitled, Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey: The Life of the Explorer

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Embroiled in a Writing Marathon

                   I apologize for my minimal presence on the blogs.  I have been writing my fourth book which is a true story of the life of a modern day explorer. It has been very challenging, in part, because it has required so many interviews of people who were involved in an expedition or a project of some kind.  I have reached 102,000 words thus far. The project is not yet finished, and then the process of revisions must take place before it goes on to editing.   Thank you for checking back.  Have a lovely autumn.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Writing Can be Hard Work


                   Thank you for all of you who bought or downloaded a copy of Portsoy Woods.
      I am currently working on an historical biography which is tough going because there are so many historical facts that have to be checked and verified before telling the stories within the book. Thus far, the new book has attained about sixty-seven thousand words, and I don't yet know how many words it will be when it's complete. I have also to complete about three more interviews in advance of writing or completing certain chapters.  I also have not yet reached one of the people I would like to interview for his perspective, who now lives in Europe.

                   I had hoped to have this book released by late autumn, but this is the most difficult and complex project I have undertaken, and it might take longer. Once it is complete from my standpoint, it needs to be read by several people I trust. Then I must polish and review and make revisions.  In short, some projects don't flow like wine, or even honey.

                  I hope all of you have had an enjoyable and safe summer.