Saturday, December 8, 2012

Considering Christmas Gifts

      I have always been a proponent of practical gifts rather than frivolous ones.  I have always believed that gifts should be something useful, centering, and educational.  I also believe that if you pick them carefully enough that they should be something someone chooses to keep for a lifetime.
       In keeping with this idea and the general frugality with which many people must approach the season this year, I am giving a lot of books this year.   Oh yes, a few people are getting copies of the books I have written, signed copies at that.  But mostly, they are getting books which concern their interests, history, gardening, design, furniture, cooking or decorating.  I spent the day carefully wrapping about thirty different books, and then covering them with ribbons and a label.  They all look pretty fantastic, although a simply ribboned book can look pretty special too.

            This year, take a look at your local bookstores.   Also take a look at some of the excellent internet sources of books.  Chances are there are some books your loved ones would like but haven't had a chance to get.  Give some thought to giving a precious book or book set this season.   Let me know what you choose, and also, how it works out.

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