Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reflections on Fall Writing


             I'm sorry I haven't been more present here. Of course, life always creeps in, and life has indeed been busy. We have a new family member and I am afraid the trials and tribulations of this particular experience belong on the pages of someone else's blog.  Suffice it to say that the challenges are time consuming, and are likely to continue to be.

                 My friends who are new authors are doing well.  One of them has a trilogy out, the first of which hit the best seller list within six weeks. The second book will be out in paperback within two weeks, with the third completed and in the pipeline.   One of my other friends has her book out and established and has noticed her royalties diminishing already.   My royalties have been very modest for quite some time, with a couple of publishers calling me trying to get something......almost anything, they can have packaged and out for Christmas. I am not ready.  I have a number of projects in the pipeline but nothing where I have clear clarity of purpose or a clear vision of the work all the way to completion. At least one of these projects has a factual basis, and so a great deal more research and focus must be done in order to bring it to life.  Somewhere in there is a healthy diet book, I have yet to outline, let alone to begin to write to give the project flesh and life.

                Although writers over all, and in specific genres do compete, I don't think of it in this way.  I am very clear that in this life, we actually compete with our prior selves.  It doesn't really matter how well friends are doing with their books compared to me.  They don't have the same challenges in life that I do, and I don't have their challenges. I wouldn't wish to cheapen their success by comparing it to my present stagnation.  Who knows ?   Next year, I could have a best seller which could cause all of my books to be discovered and propelled in similar manner.  I'll leave you with that pleasant thought.   Have a blessed Thanksgiving wherever you are.

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