Sunday, November 13, 2016

Portsoy Woods, My New Novel, Is Released for Sale !

          It is with great relief and some joy that I announce that Portsoy Woods, my third book and first novel has been released for sale, effective November 10, 2016.


   Just now, the best places to obtain a copy will be:


This is my author page on Amazon:

There will be worldwide distribution, but this will take some time.

This is a synopsis of the story:

Portsoy Woods

  This is the story of a young intelligence analyst from Northern Virginia who convinces his wife that their young family with four small children, should relocate from the relative comforts and security of their suburban home to a large acreage tract in a very rural setting.  This is a difficult decision for them to make as it takes them from friends, family, and from good jobs with a negligible commute. The decision to relocate is certainly, at first, counter-intuitive.
          They relocate and find that even within their own state, a completely different rural culture and to some degree, different values exist in comparison. Their journey. their new friends and their learning is explored, as the economy and culture of the United States deteriorates. They also endure some personal losses, uncertainties, and disasters along the way.

            Although this book will probably attract those who are interested in preparedness, pre-emptive relocation, and survivalism, this story of family is about much more. It is about the value of flexibility, resilience, hope, faith, loss,  and charity for one's family and friends.

    Reviews on Amazon are always appreciated !    Thank you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Before a Novel is Born

We hold our work sometimes as long as possible, but eventually, it's time for it to open the door and meet the world.

 Writing can be discouraging work sometimes.  Sometimes, rather than thinking that "This is my third book, and since this one is a novel and is broadly fictional, there should be less fact checking, and less precision required", I am not.  Instead I am overwhelmed sometimes at the complexity of the work, and because I have written this particular work, as a friend and very successful author has suggested, without an outline.  In future, I will write as I am comfortable, and not as others suggest. My process is my own and changes to it should be self generated.
     When the work itself is complete, other aspects begin.  Photographs must be taken, for the cover, and also of me.  I must consider whether I will include any pictures or drawings within the book itself. Then, when all is complete on my end, I must make some decisions as to which publisher will become this books home. There are quite a few alternatives, since fictional works are often placed with different publishers than factual works.  I'll let you know how it progresses...

Sunday, January 10, 2016



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      I am back to writing again, despite the demands on my schedule from other sources.

 I write a bit each day, and have thirty thousand words written for a novel, thus far.   I plan to keep going

and see where the characters and their setting take me.      Stay safe and stay positive.