Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Am Not Currently Under the Influence of Chocolate, But I May Be Later !


These aren't all mine, but I suppose I could take a second mortgage and then they could be !

               I know that dark chocolate is said to have more health benefits than milk chocolate, but I still prefer milk chocolate !  I don't like just any chocolate. I don't like the cheap waxy stuff.  I like Cadbury's chocolate that is made in England.   I have been known to eat the Canadian versions of Cadbury's made for their tastes, and I like those too.  I have also been known to eat the sweeter versions of Cadbury's made for the American palate, but my all time favorite is the Cadbury's recipe that is available in England, Scotland and Ireland.   One of the best things about Russia's airline Aeroflot is that the meals are quite good in themselves,  and then they provide Cadbury's chocolate as a snack or sometimes as a dessert.   I was so happy on a particularly long flight to Russia once, that when we finally got there, I had eaten so much Cadbury's chocolate, that I felt like rolling off the plane !

These are amazing on desserts or in ice cream.
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                       Chocolate is felt to be a mood elevator as it has effects on serotonin levels in the brain.  It is also a potent antioxidant.  I have often joked that if I ate all I wanted, I might live forever !   What are my favorites ?   I am fond of Cadbury's Flake, Maltesers,  and their chocolate buttons. I also like the Crunchie bar and Wispa also.   I usually pass by the larger bars because I could eat an entire larger bar of the Cadbury's hazelnut chocolate if left to my own devices.   I am not quite so fond of the Cadbury's creme (filled) eggs sold in the US at Easter.  I would much rather have a plain Cadbury's egg, with a package of chocolate buttons in it.

No, these aren't ordinary malted milk balls !
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I like the small bags best.  (Photo: )

I'll have two, please !
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                       What is the key to staying slim and healthy while still enjoying your chocolate ?    First, never eat chocolate that you don't absolutely adore. If  you do, you'll need more of it in order to satisfy.  If you buy only the chocolate you like best and allow yourself a periodic indulgence of a small piece, and you eat it slowly, then you keep the positive effects of chocolate, without the high amounts of sugar, fat and calories, over all.   In addition, try to have your chocolate with a large cup or pot of tea.  This slows your consumption of the chocolate, and the tea fills you gradually.  It therefore becomes a restful ritual that doesn't leave you in a pile of regret as you reflect upon your own gluttony !

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               Besides, if you eat less of the Cadbury's chocolate, there will be more for me !

This is not a commercial !   Cadbury's chocolate is one of my passions !     I have no stock in the company, parent company, and they are not paying me.  Quite the reverse !  I am buying from them !

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  1. I can take or leave a lot of brands of chocolate but do LOVE Cadbury's. I worked in England briefly many years ago and remember the little machines in the tube stations where you could put in a 25p piece and get a big thick Cadbury bar. I only wish though I had not read this post at the crash pad as now I want some and Partner brought me back two HUGE bars (the size of a TV tray I swear) and they're back at the range. He goes to the UK frequently for business. Next time he goes I'll have him bring you back some. Oh, and they make a Malteaser easter bunny that's a bunny but has this gooey malteaser center. Incredible.

    1. Brigid,
      Thank you so much for posting. I hope you get some Cadbury's soon ! I try never to be without at least a little bit of it. I passed this year on the Malteaser Bunny with the gooey center, instead I got one that has a chocolate bar inside the egg that has little crushed pieces of Malteser added to the chocolate. (Called a Malteser Teaser) It was scrumptuous and not that many calories if you ate a couple of blocks at a time.
      Hoping your back at the Range soon and can reach your Cadbury stash !
      Love to you, Partner and Abby !

  2. We discovered that Cadbury's is now trying to tap into the Hallowe'en market in the U.S. y selling Scream Eggs. Just as disgusting as the regular Creme eggs, except that the center is green, not yellow. Ugh.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Gigi. The Cadbury's chocolate which is available in the US has always been modified for "the American palate" and has been much. much sweeter. The creme and Scream eggs would likely be far to sweet for me as well !