Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seeking Balance


                      I have spoken before about the many seasons of being a writer. This is true I suppose of any creative person.  There are times spent creating, then times spent polishing, then times spent pushing whatever work you have made and bringing it to as many others in the world as possible.  This can be difficult because the world can fall in love with a book, a song, or a work that you have created, just about the time that you personally are sick to death of it, and don't wish to discuss it anymore.  I understand the musical performers of my youth just a little better now.  Perhaps they didn't intend to seem short tempered or annoyed by seemingly stupid questions asked of them by non-creatives.  Still, the healthiest perspective to have is that when the world loves something you have done, then you should be as gracious as possible. Without the world asking about it, and at least some people liking it, you would not be able to continue the process of creation and bringing it to market at least as a public and a paying endeavor.

             I am still catching up on the many tasks on the farm I neglected while writing two books last year. I am still doing radio interviews in order to peddle my books, and stay relevant.  I am also thinking about the next two books, and I should begin the process of outlining soon. I am also enjoying the animals, the farm, and the Autumn.   I hope you are enjoying this season also.

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