Sunday, May 18, 2014

On Healthy Perspectives


   I'll grant you that there is a lot to be concerned about in the world.  There is an economic malaise in Europe, and in some nations there are demonstrations against the austerity that was necessary in order for those nations to receive a European Union bail-out.  In the US, we are told that the economy is improving, but people in their thirties and forties are still moving back in with their parents when they haven't been able to get a full time job in more than three years.  People with college degrees who graduated with honors in 2010, still don't have jobs and still haven't started to pay back student loans for college or university.  Homes are still being sold for much less than their assessed values, and although they might sell, most people cannot get a mortgage and therefore cannot make it to the closing of the house, and take occupancy.   There is flooding so severe in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia that thirty five people have died and they are being evacuated by boats.  There is civil unrest in Libya, Egypt, and in other places as well.  Hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria are still being held by a group of men who think God would be okay with their plan to take them from their families.  Things are difficult for most of the people I know wherever they reside.

             I have no magical words, no great insight or fabulous solutions.  I know only that we are here on the beautiful blue ball until we aren't, and so we should spent each day with those we love.  Find things to do with them that are inexpensive and safe.  Go fishing. Pack a picnic lunch. Braid your daughters hair. Sail a toy boat with a son or grandson.  Play a board game with your family. Help an elderly relative organize their garage or basement.  I guarantee that the time invested with family will be well spent, even if you don't feel this way until one of you is gone.

           Find a way to enjoy your time on Earth even though we are challenged by many things that frighten us or provoke worry concerning the future.  They say that many things of which we worry never come to pass.  In my own life, the tragedies and challenges that actually befell us were things I had not considered before they happened.  The things I planned for have only rarely occurred.

           Have a lovely afternoon.

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