Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Before a Novel is Born

We hold our work sometimes as long as possible, but eventually, it's time for it to open the door and meet the world.

 Writing can be discouraging work sometimes.  Sometimes, rather than thinking that "This is my third book, and since this one is a novel and is broadly fictional, there should be less fact checking, and less precision required", I am not.  Instead I am overwhelmed sometimes at the complexity of the work, and because I have written this particular work, as a friend and very successful author has suggested, without an outline.  In future, I will write as I am comfortable, and not as others suggest. My process is my own and changes to it should be self generated.
     When the work itself is complete, other aspects begin.  Photographs must be taken, for the cover, and also of me.  I must consider whether I will include any pictures or drawings within the book itself. Then, when all is complete on my end, I must make some decisions as to which publisher will become this books home. There are quite a few alternatives, since fictional works are often placed with different publishers than factual works.  I'll let you know how it progresses...

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