Saturday, August 19, 2017

Writing Can be Hard Work


                   Thank you for all of you who bought or downloaded a copy of Portsoy Woods.
      I am currently working on an historical biography which is tough going because there are so many historical facts that have to be checked and verified before telling the stories within the book. Thus far, the new book has attained about sixty-seven thousand words, and I don't yet know how many words it will be when it's complete. I have also to complete about three more interviews in advance of writing or completing certain chapters.  I also have not yet reached one of the people I would like to interview for his perspective, who now lives in Europe.

                   I had hoped to have this book released by late autumn, but this is the most difficult and complex project I have undertaken, and it might take longer. Once it is complete from my standpoint, it needs to be read by several people I trust. Then I must polish and review and make revisions.  In short, some projects don't flow like wine, or even honey.

                  I hope all of you have had an enjoyable and safe summer.

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