Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Things Jane Doesn't Like About Being an Author


The world is a massive blank slate of much to write about. Why steal my ideas or concepts ?

          I belong to a number of  author groups although I don't spend much time there.  Many of the authors there complain about aspects of the process of writing, or the solitude, or revisions etc.  I have concluded that I am not like most authors because none of those things really bother me. The process of writing to me, is a dream job.  Most of the time I outline the project. I get up at three or four am to get about four hours of writing done before the rest of the day begins. Most of my projects aren't really free form. I follow my own outline and within a chapter, I have specific objectives I need to meet before that chapter is linked up to the next.  No one likes revisions, but when revisions went from the typewriter to the computer, then it became a much less labor intensive task. I also don't mind the solitude. If I get four hours of writing done after four am, and before I tackle caring for the horses each morning, then I can leisurely put in another couple or several hours later in the day, and if I want, I can see or talk to other people.

                 There are some aspects of modern day writing that I don't care for, in fact, they irk me very much.   It bothers me that my work or comments I might make in articles or books are copied and enlarged upon. I know that imitation can be a sincere form of flattery, but it annoys me anyway.   It also bothers me that intellectual property laws are weak internationally and that a crook in another country can sell a copy of my book in a manner in which I will never be paid.  Lastly, it irks me that a person I haven't heard from in years can read one of my books, figure out who I once was, and then contact me as if we are the best of friends.  If you moved on, and don't know me now, then you chose it, and let it be.

                 I suppose that everyone has pet peeves about whatever they do, and that writers should be no exception.   It does make it hard sometimes to be positive about writing a new book when the last one sold copies for which I will never be paid.


  1. I can't remember if I've told you this before or not, but I joined a couple writer's sites when I first thought about writing a little. I soon decided that most folks belong to those groups to play at writing rather than just writing. Also, most were trying to be all "cultural" and sophisticated without understanding that most successful writers deal with where the rubber meets the road. In all, they seemed to care more about being THOUGHT OF as being a writer than they were in actually BEING one.

  2. I am sure that there are some beneficial writing groups on social media sites. I find them a distraction. I am simply trying to get good work completed. I find that once published, the promotion of the books is a strain to me, but others have told me that it's a skill I will eventually develop, though it hasn't happened yet. LOL.