Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Burst That is Spring

The azaleas are in bloom both here and at our daughter's new home.

The Spring this year has been slow in coming.  The crocuses and daffodils would bloom and a heavy snow would fall upon them.  As much snow as we have seen is rare in the American South, and it seems that the weather is gradually changing.  Finally, when the snows stopped, all the trees and bushes burst into bloom over just a couple of days, as if they had jumped into high gear.  All at once on a farm it's time to do many things. Animals need Spring care, vegetables need planting, and my daylight moments seem to be taken up.  I am cautiously thinking and planning a third book.  It will require some research, some thinking and some extensive outlining before I start. The Spring is a biological motivator, and perhaps I can translate this into some writing.


  1. Jane, I have never, in all honesty, seen a photograph that speaks of serenity and the urge to "sit...sit and be still".

    I wish you had time to enjoy it.

  2. When one of the horses stepped on my foot, I found I had at least a day to sit, drink tea, and enjoy it. LOL. Thanks for posting.