Saturday, April 6, 2013

Introducing, "Treadwell" by Dana Joy Wyzard


 One of the fantastic things about being a new author, is that one has a limited ability to encourage others and help them to get a worthy project published too.  A friend of mine is a wonderful author and has had a manuscript ready for quite some time. With the encouragement of a friend, and from myself, she finally took the steps necessary to have her first work published.
    Treadwell is the first work of Dana Joy Wyzard.  The cover states, "Sheltered in the foothills of Southern Indiana, a reclusive woman is pushed to her limits by the savage invasion of ruthless drug dealers."
     It is well written, captures the reader in the beginning of the read. and is well worth your purchase of it.

     It can be purchased at at:


Perfect bound softcover:

      Dana Joy Wyzard has exceptional skills of observation, unfolds a story well, and has an exceptional sense of humor. I cannot recommend this book enough.

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