Thursday, May 16, 2013

Making Use of Opportunities to Promote Books


   Today I am being interviewed by a radio program related to one or both of the books I have written. It's about another half an hour until the hour long interview, which is taped in advance and will air another time.  You would think that since I did my own radio show for a time, that I would be an old hand, but I am not.  I am nervous.  This is interesting because when I was a teen, I was absolutely fearless in terms of speaking in public, debating team types of things, or singing in public if this were necessary.  This is not who I am today.  As I have aged and raised five children, I find I am much more content to allow them time in the limelight, or allow them to have recognition for something they are doing.  I am content for them or for my husband to get recognition, and I am less comfortable with recognition for myself.
            This is not a good thing, because in order to promote a book or books, one must be willing to do whatever promotions are possible, whether it is television, radio, travel, book signings, etc.    I have been slow to accept such opportunities or to properly exploit them.  I have spent my days blogging and worming horses rather than promoting my books.   This will need to change.  Wish me luck !
          I'll let you know when this one airs.

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