Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why do I Write ?


     I believe I write to convey valuable information on things I have learned to others. To me, it just makes sense to pass the things I have learned, or information about the things which have befallen me to others, a bit like placing fluorescent road signs around a pothole in the road which damaged my car's axle.  There is a phenomenon which is occurring of which you should be aware.  In this era, with computers, accessible television on phones,  phones which can access the weather, and buy food for delivery all at once, rather than average people becoming more informed concerning the happenings in the world, they have become less informed. The sad irony of this is that these wonderful gifts of access which have come with the internet have caused many people to think and create less, actually read less, obsess about internet games, or simply twitter like fools in grade school to one another.
              This has very negative fallout for our nation, and possible for the entire world.  A number of television programs in the US have interviewed workers, and found than many of them don't know the name of the Vice President.  They don't know who the Speaker of the House is. They have no idea how our US governmental systems work, and they don't care.
             I am not a political person, and I never have been, but two cases recently have occurred in which a systematic attempt at intimidation have occurred.  Ordinary people need to develop some outrage at these cases.  Our rights to criticize and complain about specific actions in local or federal government are at risk.

             One such case is the matter of Brandon Raub :

These are my prior posts from one of my other blogs on this matter:



         The other important case is the matter of Eileen Hart :

These are my posts which concern the Hart case:


       Both cases have in common that here in the United States on both a Federal level and on a local level that egregious abuses of power have occurred at that ordinary good citizens who were each speaking their minds, as used to to guaranteed under the US Constitution, each suffered difficult and traumatic events at the hand of government.   The government exists to protect and to serve the people. They must not live in fear of government.

      We have very little time in which to reverse such happenings in the United States before we become not only a Nanny State, but a Police State, as well.    Please read these posts with the evolving story of both of these cases.

      America, as it once existed, is worth saving.






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