Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Interview

In the internet age, one can catch the interview live, or later on, as most shows are archived on the internet, as was this one.


  It isn't enough to write books.  In order to get people to read them and to give them as gifts to friends and family members, it's important to do some interviews on radio, podcasts, or even television when you can get it. This is simply part of your commitment to get your book before as many people as possible, ideally because things you are relating or saying will help them.
                 John Wesley Smith is an excellent interviewer and is a bit like visiting an old friend, and this is why I actually enjoy being interviewed by him.  This however, is not always the case elsewhere, especially when the interviewer doesn't know much about the topics discussed in my books or hasn't really read them.

      I had promised to let you know when the radio program segment I taped with John Wesley Smith hit the air, and then, I promptly forgot.

        I have just taped a second interview with John, but this is the first one, taped in May and which aired for the first time on May 30, 2013.

Link to first interview is below:

Rational Preparedness Author, Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel, interviewed by John Wesley Smith on Destiny Survival.


  I will be doing another interview with John Wesley Smith regarding the books on August 1, 2013 at the same place.    We will be discussing basic strategies for evacuating rural properties and small farms in the face of an emergency. We will also discuss grief as it applies to major disasters, and some other subjects which relate to my books.

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