Monday, July 8, 2013

Falling Behind....


These are happy grazing horses.

    I have fallen behind in the last couple of weeks in many things I really want to do.  One of them is continuing to blog. Another is catching up on my bills !   I have not had the time to write the checks, put the stamps on the envelopes and get to a post office ! Some of them are late.  I now have four horses and they take a lot of time, especially in ninety degree heat.   I cope by getting up at 0530 and doing the lion's share of their care early before they are truly awake enough to fight me on it, and before the extreme Virginia heat makes me wish to forget it entirely.   This week we have also moved half the alpacas to another area of the farm and as soon as the four member fencing is complete, we will move the remaining alpacas adjacent to the horses.  This should make feeding and watering easier for us.
      I am just beginning to outline two more books, both of which will take some significant research before they make it someday to print.
      Yesterday, I spent two hours chasing one of the new horses who slipped out of one of the stalls.  Note to self:  Try not to buy anything that runs faster than you do.

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