Monday, January 7, 2013

Working Toward Being a Best Selling Author

This device, a nebulizer, has been a new friend. It aerosolizes medication which gets into my lungs and helps me leave the wheezing and the asthma behind.
  Thus far in 2013, I haven't made any particular inroads to being a best selling author.  I am aware that both books are available worldwide, and that the traffic on the two blogs which relate directly to each of the books, is up.  I am aware that in some places the books are selling modestly. I am also aware that I need to do some active promotion of each of them, and that publisher and publicist or not, some of the effort in this regard, needs to come from the author herself.
        I have been working on this, but have had a lot of asthma after Christmas and at New Years.  This has not only taken up some of my time for book promotion, but also for things like taking the Christmas tree down, cleaning up at home, and readying for a new year.  Asthma certainly saps energy as well.
        I need to start planning and researching the next project soon.  I think just now, I would rather rest !

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