Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Petty Annoyance

I love my diesel sedan, and next time, I just might pull the beard out of someone who hurts it and then denies it. LOL

  I am known for being even tempered. Most of my friends and people who do business with me in one way or another usually think I am pretty reasonable.  This is fortunate because one of the ways teens and young adults feel comfortable telling you just about anything, is if you accept most everything you are told and speak reasonably about it with them.
                 Today, one of my adult sons and I made a trip in the car to our nearest small city, which is a couple of hours away.  I ran a quick errand, and my son wanted to make a quick trip to one of the large hardware franchises on the suburban outskirts of the city.   We were lucky.  It wasn't too crowded and I parked fairly close to the building.  My son ran in to buy a couple of things, and I decided to stay in the car rather than wander around the large store and perhaps buy some things on sale that I probably did not urgently need.  I sat there looking through the mail when I noticed an older gentleman, a store employee, rolling a flatbed cart out to a customers car with a big box which said "Horno de Miccroonda" on it.  I knew from my last purchase of one, that this was a microwave oven.   The man rolled the cart over to the car next to me where the owner of the minivan opened her sliding side door.  At that point, the man lifted the microwave to place it into the woman's van, and hit my car with it.   I immediately popped out of the car to check out the damage.  I love this car. It's a diesel sedan and I take very good care of it.  I asked the gentleman,  "Sir, where did you hit the car with the box ?" as I looked for damage.   I think if he had apologized and exclaimed that it was heavy and he tapped the car accidentally, I would have been alright, but he didn't.  He lied.   "I didn't hit the car" he said as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.   That made me angry.  "Sir, I was actually in the car, and the knock was hard enough to knock the mail out of my hand" I said.    The purchaser, knew this man, and she said,  "He didn't hit the car", in a smiling manner as if a young  child telling a lie".    "Madam," I said.  "I was not speaking with you.  I am speaking to the gentleman who hit my car with your microwave".   I looked carefully at the finish, and luckily I could not see damage.
             I was still incensed, not because it had happened.  People make mistakes. and I do also, but I own mine.  When I make an error, I apologize and I do what is necessary to set it right.  This man lied to me.
With that I went inside.   I told customer service what had happened.  They were very apologetic, and thanked me for coming in.  I told them that what I really wanted was a reminder to people who help load merchandise to watch out for the cars parked in the lot, or to ask people to drive up to be loaded. They knocked 10% off our purchase when my son arrived.
              I could not see damage to the car in the blustery rain and overcast day.  I hope when it clears up, that I don't find any. I remember having a minor accident years ago with a new car, where wood flew off a truck hitting my new car.  I did not find the damage until several days later.
             I don't mind mistakes, but like most people, I don't like liars.

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