Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some Writers, Perhaps

Can anyone get me a dishtowel like this ?    (Picture: )

  I know some writers who have several projects under way at any one time. They are always in process with one book or another. One is being written, one is being completed, one is headed to the bookstore shelves, and one from last year is generating a royalty check which is being sent electronically to their account.  I am definitely not there yet.  I have two books on the shelves, and each week, I search both on the internet and found that the international distributor has them in more and more places around the world.  This week I heard that at least one of them is in Poland. I have not yet heard whether one or both are in Russia.   I have ideas for a number of other books.  The next one will require quite a bit of outlining and some research. It is not likely to be a rapidly created project or one which is marketed quickly.  Meanwhile, I flounder just a little in the process of promoting books.
            Please let me know if you found one of my books in a nation far away.  I am absolutely thrilled that you are reading it. It was, after all, written for you.

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