Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Focus of Writing

This isn't my office, but mine isn't any neater, and sometimes, it's worse.

   A friend of mine is in the process of turning a successful internet serial of hers into a book.  She is frustrated because the initial writing is interesting and exciting, but the process of turning it into a book, is not.  I tried to be encouraging, and to tell her that it is satisfying to finally see your work in the form of a book and to see it or know it's for sale in many places across the globe. However, I would be lying if I said it were exciting work.  Writing can be lonely.  It is a solitary endeavor which requires some episodic isolation, the right mindset, and in my case seems to require the deterioration of the interior of my house !  When I begin writing for a particular project, even though I might not have a publisher generated deadline, I have a flexible deadline for the project myself.  This sometimes causes me to develop a singular focus on such a project, and I begin to put off almost everything at home, except perhaps for paying bills and animal care.  I am still catching up in home reorganization etc. following the release of my first two books late last year.   I encouraged my friend.  Take a day off, I implored.  Write the same time each day and then put it aside, I told her.  I think she will find her way.

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