Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On Predatory Television Production

Having supplies at home for unexpected storms and emergencies is simply good common sense.

  As most of you know, one of my books is called Rational Preparedness: A Primer to Preparedness, and therefore I have some interaction with those who believe in reasonable efforts to be prepared for both forseeable and less likely emergencies.   Over the last few years with the advent and fad of "Reality" Television, a number of television producers have contacted both individuals I know who are interested in preparedness and survivalism and groups where I am either a member or a moderator.  As a rule, television producers are not interested in getting the reasonable view of preparedness. They have no interest in those who are reasonable in their efforts and who are putting away some supplies for winter just as their grandparents did.  All of the producers with whom I have had contact were interested in what I call the lunatic fringe, which exists in any group, from soccer moms, to horsewomen.  Producers would like to hold people up as extreme or thought disordered, for entertainment purposes. The producers always start that they would like to "educate the public concerning preparedness", but from experience, this is never what they do. They are only interested in the exploitation of the few frightened individuals who might have diverted too much, in terms of their assets to preparedness supplies.This does absolutely the opposite of educating the public concerning preparedness issues.  This week, we turned the umpteenth television producer away from one of the groups where I moderate.  If she wishes to learn about preparedness, she can read my book.  Actually, it's good advice for anyone.

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