Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cancel Everything ! Power is Out.

This was the beginning of the storm.  Now we have twelve inches, and it's still snowing.

      It is unusual for there to be a Winter storm and blizzard so late in the season here.  The picture above was taken this morning, just before the power went out. We are expected to have snow until midnight tonight. We are running on short term generator power because we are low on diesel fuel.  My husband went out to get more diesel this morning, but we have an abundance of oaks, cedars and pines which have fallen over on the mountain trail and are preventing anyone from passing.   There is no telling when the power will come on again.  Stay safe everyone, wherever you are.

UPDATE:  My electricity has been off for four days. My internet has been down for one. Our landline telephone has been down for a day also.  I am reporting this with the aid of my daughter.

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