Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some Days Aren't Meant for Achieving Anything


  This week, the weather here has been quite cold for the season, and then warm the next day. Then, a very distant neighbor who is moving away decided to burn a bunch of plastic toys which generated a thick pungent black smoke that oddly blew this way.  I think my lungs were irritated and then I got exposed to a virus, or perhaps I have a new allergy to the buds on the trees.  I have had what seems like a chest cold ever since.  I never report even distant neighbors for things, but I have asked them not to burn plastics and tires before.  The result is a chest cold which is going to sink everything I had to do today.  Between using a nebulizer with medication, every four hours, cough drops, hot lemon and hot tea, I barely have time for anything else.   I did do one thing today.  I wanted a tasty lunch which would be easy to eat.  I reconstituted four portions of Augason Farm's freeze dried chili as directed.  Then I added a can of Campbell's tomato soup. (You can add the water with the can or leave it out. I've done it both ways.)  Then I cooked a large hamburger on the grill, crumbled it and placed it in the chili soup mix.  Sometimes a chili soup quickly made is a great comfort.  Have a great weekend. I think some low achievement days should be built into everyones  calendar.

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