Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marketing Books as a New Author


       We are still fairly early following the release of Rational Preparedness: A Primer to Preparedness. It's been available since the end of October, 2012.  I would like to call it to the attention of FEMA, as its conversational and direct style could be used to help prepare people in advance of disasters.  It also could be marketed to nurses, social workers, police officers, EMTs, local and regional governments, libraries, and college and university programs which train these professionals.
               What I Learned from Daniel was released at the end of November, and is still not yet available at all the outlets that it will be.  It would be of interest to anyone who enjoyed Dr. Eben Alexander's book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife.  Where Dr. Alexander gives a first hand story of his personal journey,  our book gives suggestions and relates some stories as to how we received factual information in dreams following Daniel's and my father's passing.   What I Learned from Daniel should certainly be read by anyone who has ever lost a child, or who has known a blinding loss.  It also should be read by anyone who has ever loved a child, because the lessons in it are timeless.   I am also wondering how I can bring it to the attention of grief therapists and social workers.
              Both books were created to do good in the world. Getting them out there and to the attention of the American and worldwide public, in this media shell shocked culture is not easy.  I appreciate your suggestions and ideas, as to how we can create positive buzz.

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