Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Marketing ? What Is Marketing ?

I don't suppose giving a cookie for each book bought constitutes a marketing plan ?

  Somehow I did it. I neglected the dusting, cleaning, incessant organizing and timely bill playing of this farm sufficiently to somehow turn out two reasonably well thought out books this year, and I got them submitted and then released before Christmas !  I had planned to enjoy the rest of the year just Christmasing with my kids. I had hoped that my husband and sons would pick up the slack sufficiently to allow me to continue writing, but, this was unquestionably a delusion.  There's a lot of work waiting for me.
    Then, someone from the book publisher's office called me about marketing.   Marketing ?  In an attempt to sound professional in a field in which I admitted know little, I stayed quiet.  I thought that marketing was something they took care of.  After all, they have a whole office for this, and I not only don't, I only knew that the word was a college major !   It seems that I have to make myself available to a number of activities in order to promote each book.  In fact, I even have to think up and execute some of these capers myself.  At one time in my life this might have been fun.  Meet people and push your book and talk about it. How hard is that ?   This would not have been hard for me in my twenties. I would have tolerated it in my thirties, but I am a different animal now.  Approaching fifty, and somewhat disillusioned with the economy and the workings of American government, I am less inclined to engage the public.  I like human beings as individuals, but less so in a group, and if I had to be completely honest, I like dogs best of all.  Very few of them read, although I suppose talking books might be of benefit.
    I must find a way to market the books I have written this year. I wrote them to get the word out on some important issues. Without marketing fewer people will read my books than should.  I believe in them and therefore I may be the best person to direct their marketing.  Marketing.  What is marketing ?

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