Wednesday, December 19, 2012


      I promised to report to you, a taste of what being a new author is like.  Thus far, it had been pleasant, and as I had hoped.  However, this is a volatile time in the United States, and yesterday, I was a recipient of a threat, which came as a result of my having published one of my two books.  Apparently some, especially those with mental illness issues think that my bringing light, even to "Rational Preparedness" frightens people and therefore, I should be frightened also.   The FBI now has all of the material which was sent. At least THEY might have to read my book.
                  Yes, anytime we deal with the public, especially in the US where the mental hospitals have long since been closed, we take the chance that the crazy fringe will seek to intimidate or strike out rather than simply writing a letter.  We have it covered.

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